Luther (TV Series) : A Must Watch Drama Thriller

               “Luther is, by far, the best crime thriller drama series I’ve seen till now.”

First of all, my respects, BBC and the creator Neil Cross, for bringing out shows like Luther, MI-5, etc. These days there are tons of series out there spitting out the same ol cliched procedurals and investigations, but Luther could provide you the essential break, that you need. This series, has turned into one of my favorites, and has left me craving for the next season; and also Idris Elba’s scintillating performance as John Luther (I’ve seen his performances in some eps of  “The Wire”, and films such as Rock n Rolla) has lifted him up in my watch-list of actors .

I came to know about this show, after I watched the Globes (2010 and 2011), in which Elba was nominated (back-to-back) for Best Actor in a Mini-series or TV Movie and won it last year, for this role. The other thing that kept my interest in this show was that it was a Brit production. I really love British shows and films; they always have wonderful cinematography, and screenplay incorporating the culture in them and also, yu kno wo els-m talkin-abou – the accssnt.

Luther is an investigative crime drama thriller. But its not just about tracking the culprit; because in every episode, they find out who the criminal is, quickly enough; rather its more about Luther’s approach to solving them or capturing the culprit by law. The distinctive character of Luther is what makes him notorious within his department. He would use any method, which is ethical according to him, for justice. And this hunt for justice has affected his personal life; with an on-and-off relationship with his ex-wife Zoe Luther (Indira Varma).

Its not a one-man show, as you’d quite probably feel like now. He’s well assisted by his faithful team of coppers-Justin Ripley (Warren Brown), Ian Reed (Steven Mackintosh), Benny Silver (Michael Smiley), Erin Gray and headed by DSU Rose Teller (Sasika Reeves) and DSU Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowely) in season 1 and 2 respectively.

Luther is a TV series that grows on you. The first season starts of by introducing to us, the extra-brilliant psychopath Alice Morgan, played by Ruth Wilson, who in my opinion was also a strong performer alongside Elba, throughout the first season. Alice Morgan actually keys together all the 6 episodes in season 1, and is kind of like a sub-plot in every episode. Every episode showcase brilliant character acting by the antagonists, taking forms of serial killers, psychos and smugglers.

The last 2 episodes of the first season were so emotional and edge-of-the-seat thrilling that they shaped the series completely, and gave it a unique identity from the rest. Characters such as Mark North, Zoe’s boyfriend, played by Paul McGann, gets more involved with the season end climax, with every episode.

The second season starts off, right from where it ended in the first. But to my dismay, it had only 4 episodes (but was compensated by more thrilling plots). Season 2 was a bit more intelligently plotted with new, evolved, highly skilled law offenders, and the season ender takes us to an unpredictable climax; too much adrenalin rush for a tv-series, I’d say, in a good sense.

I’m very much looking forward to the third season, which is on the making. Elba stated in an interview that the scripts for the third season had been completed, and it would have a challenging  rival for Luther. He also stated that, there are plans for a Luther film coming out after the third season.

Luther is, by far, the best crime thriller drama series I’ve seen till now. I absolutely enjoyed it.

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  1. Joyce C said:

    I also started watching Luther after seeing him win his Golden Globe, and watching him on The big C, I saw that he was 1)a great actor 2) a funny guy 3) hot as hell. I was very disappointed with season 2 having only 4 episodes, what a drag. Luther is not only the Best British show, I’d say the Best show on TV in recent years. At the risk of being rude, I’d like to mention another great Brit show that comes in second on my list. Whitechapel is the name. Check it out and I look forward to your thoughts…Thanks

  2. Thank u Joyce for the response. Well Joyce, I felt the 2nd season to be equally good as the 1st. You might have felt it a bit “dragging” may be because you were expecting it to start off the way it ended in the first season- but its upto you; respect your opinion. I will surely check out Whitechapel as u said, right now I’m watching “Inside Men”, that has roped in many of the artists from Luther. Steve Mackintosh (Ian Reed from “Luther”) plays the lead role. It seems interesting! Feel free to subscribe and express your opinions on my other articles too…Thank you.

  3. I am obsessed, ok I said it with Luther. I have watched and re-watched episodes again and again. It is like that good book that you don’t want to end. Or, to ask the writer/director/actor-how did you all just do that? When Lost was on I’d rent the dvds and watch all weekend. Luther is reminiscent of that. Idris blows me away. I’m not even talking about I’d like a big sip of him-ALL of him. His commitment to the character to the scene and his chemistry with Alice just keeps me enthralled. I am telling anyone who will listen about Luther. I’d love to be in a room with Idris, the writers, directors, creators-just to pick their brains and learn from them-and I am not even an actor. As a teacher, I am so into how much they must love their work because it shows.

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