The Newsroom (TV Series): This Is The Show

“Fast paced, brilliantly written and acted; one of the best series of the year, and Jeff Daniels is simply superb”

Aaron Sorkin has created yet another brilliant show. The Newsroom. The first 7 minutes of the very first episode, proved how this show was going to be a success. It had gone viral even before the show actually started. But before I jump in, let me do it by the ‘Newsroom’ way. (Try reading in Will McAvoy’s voice) Aaron Sorkin who wrote A Few Good Men, Moneyball and The Social Network (for which he got back-to-back nominations from the Academy and won for The Social Network), also created famous TV shows such as The West Wing and Sports Night. The reception of this show by the audience was thus not a surprise. It was cheered as Aaron Sorkin’s return to television. Entertainment Weekly has revealed that ‘The Newsroom’ delivered 2.1 million viewers in its debut run, just 0.1 million short of what The Game of Thrones had managed last year. IMDb gives it a good 8.8 mark, while, the Metascore has punished it with an average score of 57 from the critics, but an 8.4 from the users. It has generated 220k+ Facebook fans during its running period of just more than a month. In a nutshell, f*ck the ratings. Just go for it!

The Newsroom shows the behind-the-scene events in a news network agency called the Atlantis Cable News and focuses on star anchor Will McAvoy and his new team of producers. Sorkin has intelligently used real life events in the news, adding to the originality of the show. But whether the depiction of the whole ‘newsroom’ is realistic, is still a reasonable question. The essence of this show lies within the cast (besides Sorkin’s script). Jeff Daniels plays the lead role of Will McAvoy, a showbiz celebrity, the second most watched anchor on television, Emily Mortimer plays MacKenzie McHale who is hired as the Executive Producer for Atlantis Cable News’ (ACN) prime time show News Night, hosted by Will. The other characters in the series are the Associate Producers of ACN- Don (Thomas Sadoski), Jim (John Gallagher Jr.), Maggie (Alison Pill) and Neal (Dev Patel), to name the important ones, Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn)- a business analyst and anchor at ACN and then there is the boss – Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston). The cameo roles by Jane Fonda (as Liona Lansing), Terry Crews (as Lonny Church) and David Krumholtz ( Dr. Jack Habib) are also worth mentioning.

To give you a basic picture, season one is a pulp made out of  drama, politics (yes, U.S. politics – so be aware about the basic stuffs about it), romance, and comedy. Trust me, you will certainly love the last part I just mentioned. There are moments where I LMAO! With every episode, the series gets more interesting. Its the complications among the characters- the issues between Mackenzie and Will, between Jim-Maggie and Maggie-Don, the scandals and allegations surrounding  a public figure such as Will, that takes the show forward. It also emphasizes on the devotion of the people at the newsroom towards their job, how they value life and the show gives a cool picture of their busy life- their times at the office, breaks at the bar, shots at night, etc.

Personally, I really enjoyed the show. You’ll get that ‘I wanna live in this world’ feeling after watching the show- especially with that title song on. It’s fast paced, and brilliantly written and acted; one of the best series of the year, and Jeff Daniels is simply superb. The way he takes the character- vibrant, eccentric (and yes, he does get high in one of the episodes- I mean Will McAvoy) and above all, the way he maintains his cool during tense situations, with a one liner. Emmys I believe, should be having him under their scope now. Wishing the best and looking forward to another great season next year. And btw, thanks HBO.

  1. Arjun Muraly said:


  2. Susan Johnnson said:

    An hour just flies by…absoolluely THE VERY BEST in Entertainment .Kudos to Alan Sorkin and staff, to HBO and most importantly, to the brilliant entourage of actors. This is certainly a creative show of superb excellence!

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