Looper (2012): Movie Review


Bruce Willis and Joseph-Gordon Levitt

Bruce Willis and Joseph-Gordon Levitt

Time travel movies are always fascinating and equally confusing. Because, you see, while watching these movies, you’ll have to multi-multi task your brain. I think you got what I meant. You have to run as many algorithms in your head, as the film tries to deviate itself from a regular pop-corn flick, simultaneously. By the time you finish watching Looper, many things would have gone in a loop. Stay focused.

Rian Johnson, who wrote and also directed the film, shared in an interview, that he had initially developed it as a three page Short. Quite honestly, it should never have been a Short, and fortunately its shaped up as a 120 min entertainment. Thanks to the producers.

Looper is a futuristic sci-fi movie. It takes place in 2044. 30 years from this point, which is the ‘future’, time travel has been invented, but has been outlawed. ‘Loopers’ are the executioners, who execute people (in the present) sent from the future by criminal organization, and are part of a crime syndicate. The whole story unwinds, when Joe (Joseph Gordon Levitt) meets his future self, at his gunpoint, and has to close his loop (Closing the loop is when the Looper has to execute his future self, and by this, they officially complete their contract). Old Joe (Bruce Willis) reveals to Joe (Levitt) that he had come from the future, to kill the ‘Rainmaker’, a dictator who came from nowhere, and has ordered to close the loops of all Loopers, and who also killed his wife.

The acting department has done an outstanding job. Joseph-Gordon Levitt, yup, the cute-faced innocent looking lad in 500 Days of Summer, 50-50, etc. has proved that he could turn into a badass lead as well. He perfectly portrayed a younger version of Bruce Willis. I mean, especially during his conversation with Abe (Jeff Daniels), all those one word mumbling replies and all that look he gives, were classic Willis stuffs!  Actors such as Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels have done a decent job as well.

The screenplay by Rian Johnson, is undoubtedly what makes the film outstanding. He has chosen to take forward the story in a  narrative fashion, intelligently twisting the timeline. The way he incorporates the elements of love and affection – motherly love and the love between a husband and wife, makes this flick stand-out from other such time travel movies. Another plus point, is the score by Nathan Johnson. There was a video in which he explained, how he created the scores for the film; he had recorded live industrial and machine sounds for making the soundtracks. As a description, its kind of atmospheric, mechanical and has more of like an ambient style to it, creating the perfect heavenly or futuristic tone needed for the film.

Looper certainly deserves a spot among the top films of 2012. Looper had quite an average collection when it opened, but it certainly picked up from then on. Statistics reveal that it has now grossed above $150m which is not bad for a budget of $30m. Looper is a great thrilling time travel experience! Go get the DVDs now!


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