The Avengers

The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises
  1. John said:

    Anyone who thinks The Avengers is going to top The Dark Knight Rises in box office is fooling themselves. Not to mention critical and fan acclaim. TDKR doesn’t have to match TDK to beat The Avengers whose highest grossing prequel was well below 700 million world wide.

  2. ajay said:

    for straight 3 weeks there no films to win boxoffice after the release of TDKR
    so the dark knight rises-$450-500 mil ($160 MIL OPENING WEEKEND)
    the hobbit -$380 mil
    breaking dawn 2 -$ 340mil
    the avengers -$330 MIL
    brave- $300 mil
    the hunger games-$230 mil
    the amazing spiderman -$220 mil
    the lorax -$180 mil
    Prometheus -$170mil
    skyfall -$150 mil
    ice age -$140 mil
    wrath of the titans -$130 mil
    john carter -$65 mil

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